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Cold P2V fails on NT4

This might be a long shot but would appreciate any insights.

We have a legacy NT4 (SP6) application that needs to be virtualized ASAP. This application has NDS4NT and another RSA security GINA installed such that you can't logon using "normal" windows credentials.

So we knew we had to do a cold clone from the boot CD.

Using converter Enterprise 4.0 the task failed at 2%.

Here's parts of the agent log file that looked relevant:

DISKLIB-LIB : Opened "vpxa-nfc://[ESX8] ROLMF04/ROLMF04.vmdk@nj02esx01.us.ricoh.ds:902!52 84 dd 7e 12 24 e8 49-1e fb 3e 9d c6 2d 0f 96" (flags 0x2). 044A4DB0
Copying 71122560 sectors from sector 0 to sector 0.
Got an update from CloneTask::task
Waiting for updates from CloneTask::task

(Re)Start waiting for property updates from CloneTask::task
Got an update from BlockLevelCloning::task
Waiting for updates from BlockLevelCloning::task

(Re)Start waiting for property updates from BlockLevelCloning::task
NfcNetTcpRead: timed out waiting for data
NfcFssrvrRecv: failed with code = 9
NfcFssrvr_DiskIo: failed to receive io reply
DISKLIB-LIB : RWv failed ioId: #28 (5666) (34) .
DiskLib_Write failed to sector 57344 of vpxa-nfc://[ESX8] ROLMF04/ROLMF04.vmdk@nj02esx01.us.ricoh.ds:902!52 84 dd 7e 12 24 e8 49-1e fb 3e 9d c6 2d 0f 96 with error invalid NBD error code.

In the client log we just see this

Successfully connected to VMImporter
Task failed: P2VError UNKNOWN_METHOD_FAULT(sysimage.fault.DiskLibConnectionFault)

If any one could figure out how to get past this so that we can run a cold P2V it would be much appreciated.


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You may have better luck using the VMware vCenter Converter 3.0.3 Enterprise coldclone.iso


I should have taken the time to check the release notes...

It seems that NT4 no longer appears on the supported platforms list.

Thanks for the heads up -- I'll try the 3.x and see what happens...

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NT4 has several issue for the conversion process.

Some time ago I have used Symantec BESR to do the image and then converted to put in the infrastructure.

Do you have more than 1 processor?


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