Cannot get converter to run after trying to run fusion agent

Dear all

Recently I ahve been trying to convert a VirtualBox Windows 7 image, on my Mac Snow Leopard, so that I can test VMware Fusion with the idea being that if I like it, I will migrate to it full stop. I find VirtualBox runs to slowly and I wish to see if VMWare Fusion runs faster. If it doesn't, then there is a problem with my set up.

I decided to use the Converter on my PC to convert the powered-on image

The first 2 attempts at this caused VirtualBox to crash Windows 7. My 3rd attempt failed at 95%, saying it couldn't create the boot sector. I deleted this image, as I did the other 2.

Next I decided to use the migrate program in Fusion. So I downloaded the required PC program. When I went to install the PC program it stated some services were running for standalone server so I found all 3 and closed the processes in Windows Process monitor as I couldn't see any other way, since I'd closed the vcenter conveter, which had been open.

It installed but I couldn't make a connection between the two. Now when I try to run the converter on the my PC once more I cannot connect to the localhost. I've restarted my Windows 7 instance 3 times and still no luck.

I've since uninstalled the Fusion agent software from my PC. This then also uninstalled files required for the vcenter converter so I've had to uninstall this too and reinstall it. I uninstalled the Fusion agent so I could test whether the fusion agent was causing a conflict but it didn't matter whether it was any more because the converter stopped working after a dll was removed whilst uninstalling Fusion agent.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have the error messages to hand right now but I can probably recreate the steps to obtain them.

Kind regards

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