Can we p2v a windows 2003 server which is running in the mscs cluster?

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Can we p2v a windows 2003 server which is running in the mscs cluster?

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To convert Microsoft Cluster (MSCS) nodes to a set of virtual machines:

Warning: This is only supported on VMware Server and VMware ESX. Unexpected results may occur if attempted within another VMware product.

Note: Before following this procedure, consult VMware documentation on setting up Microsoft Clustering Services within a virtual machine.

1. Use VMware Converter to convert the operating system drive of each node and the operating system partition of each drive.

2. If your data or quorum drive is already on a SAN LUN, map it as a physical disk in VMware Server, or a RDM in VMware ESX.

3. If your data or quorum drive is not on a SAN LUN:

a. Create virtual disks for the data and quorum drives manually as per the instructions in the documentation for your VMware product.

b. Clone the data to the new virtual disks. Clone the data using a method that copies all files and directories and preserves all permissions. Some methods for cloning the data are:

Robocopy http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc160891.aspx

ViceVersa http://www.tgrmn.com/

Ghost http://www.symantec.com/business/products/overview.jsp?pcid=2247&pvid=865_1

Acronis http://www.acronis.com/

DoubleTake http://www.doubletake.com/

NetBackup http://www.symantec.com/business/products/overview.jsp?pcid=2244&pvid=2_1

Note: VMware does not endorse or recommend any particular third party utility, nor is the list above meant to be exhaustive.

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