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Can't convert Windows 2008 Server (32bit) ...port 9089. Error details: 'SSL Exception: error:140770FC:SSL

Please note: I did another conversion this morning on a Windows 2016 Server - no problems.

ESXi 6.7

Converter 6.2

Target VM Windows 2008 Server (32bit)

I have seen several posts about how to fix this problem by changing values in xml files that don't exist.

I changed the converter-client.xml in both the converter standalone system and the target system.

After changing the useSSL value to false I restarted the service on both boxes.

The port is open

The fire wall is down

The VM is running.

In case you want to see the whole message:

Unable to establish a secure communication channel between the Converter server and the remote machine at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on port 9089. Verify that the remote machine is running, the firewall is turned off, and the Converter agent service is running and listening on port 9089. Error details: 'SSL Exception: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol'.

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