Welcome to the VMware Cloud Director 2023 Early Access Beta Program!

By participating in this Early Access program, you are helping shape the future of Cloud Director. You are granted early access to software that showcases some features and technologies that may be considered for future releases of Cloud Director. Your feedback will help guide how we evolve these features and technologies and ultimately integrate them into our future offerings.

Please review the available documents in  VMware Cloud Director Beta Documents  to understand the scope of new capabilities.

Use VMware Cloud Director Beta Discussions to discuss privately with fellow beta members, ask questions, etc. about anything related to the product for example: functionality, performance, usability, etc.

Thank you for your ongoing active contribution and participation in this beta program community.
Available Downloads

Click here to download the VCD 10.5.1 Release Candidate Refresh Build
Release Date (refreshed): November 14, 2023

Important Disclaimer
As a reminder, you are participating in a private & confidential Beta Program subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Software Beta Test Agreement and End User License Agreement that you have acknowledged on behalf of your company. By participating in the beta program you agree not to allow anyone else to use your ID to enter the Beta portal. Use of license keys provided within the beta portal are subject to the terms of this MSBTA and EULA, and are NOT permitted to be shared with others.

The information provided through in this Beta Program is strictly confidential. Do NOT forward or otherwise share this information. Any potential version numbers seen through out the Beta Program are considered placeholders only!

VMware does not commit to delivering features discussed in this program in any generally available product.
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