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What's New on the New Release of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (April 2021)?

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is VMware's on-demand disaster recovery service that is delivered as an easy-to-use SaaS solution and offers cloud economics to keep your disaster recovery costs under control.

What's New as of April 27, 2021?

  • Smaller entry point for customers wanting faster recovery times (2-node Pilot Light clusters now supported)
  • More flexible consumption and payment options (a new 5 TiBs / 25 VMs monthly paid pilot SKU, support for a monthly payment option for term subscriptions)
  • Faster recovery times (improved Storage vMotion performance during data rehydration, accelerated cache in the scale-out cloud file system)
  • New regions supported in South America, Europe, and Asia (São Paulo, Stockholm, and Seoul VMware Cloud on AWS regions)
  • Better replication and failback performance (AWS Direct Connect (Public VIF) support for replication and failback traffic)
  • DR protection for applications already running in VMware Cloud on AWS (VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC as a source site)
  • Greater scalability for customers with large environments (federated management of multiple instances)

Check out the release notes for more details and other recent enhancements.  You might also find this blog helpful.

The VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery hands-on lab will take you through the steps of registering an on-premises vSphere environment, enabling protection policies for workloads, creating and testing Disaster Recovery plans then failing over workloads into VMware Cloud on AWS.

Feel free to post your thoughts.

If you need to reach one of our subject matter experts, feel free to post a question in the Cloud Customer Success Community.

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