Traversing the hybrid cloud infrastructure for services

Just wondered whether anyone had opinion on having dependant services being located across the hybrid cloud divide... for example, having VM based services in VMWonAWS that connect to other services that reside on-premises? (Over high bandwidth/low latency links of course). Does anyone do this and does it work well? There are some physical entities that can't easily journey to the cloud, like IBM i platforms, so they may have to remain on-premises - but trying not exploring whether that prevents the virtual estate that interacts with it going cloud?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I don't have them in place, so I don't have any personal experiences, but most of these (Mega)Cloud services have the ability to use NSX. With NSX it should be possible to generate a network that can connect to either the local estate and the cloud. And like you said, you should have high bandwidth/low latency links if the applications require that.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Actually lot of our customer are using an Hybrid approach. 

This happen for lot of different reason (like as you mention phisical entities that cannot be moved, or data that cannot moved due to the the law) and work properly. 
The most important thing is using the right type of connectivity, the suggested one is the Direct Connect, this will give the opportunity to connect on-prem and cloud with a round trip latencies under 20ms.

Based on the application that you are using you need to take care about your topology, this to ensure that you avoid any unwanted traffic moving from/to the cloud and to reduce the egress charges. 


VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Bigdaza,

I second the above answers.
Depending on the workload you may want to keep certain applications remaining in an on-premises Environment.
Also as mentioned, you may need to make sure that you are satisfying the latency and bandwidth needs of the application in mind.

With that being said, I have worked with customers who are utilising VMC to manage remote locations, including, but not limited to, vCenter Servers running in the cloud, Network appliances managing on-premise resources, etc.

However, you should also check back with the vendor, if the 3rd party application is supported in a remote cloud site. 

Hope this helps.

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