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New Fund Management Platform for Subscription Customers is Now Available

Did you know that the My Funds User Interface has been enhanced to provide a comprehensive view of fund (HPP/ SPP) usage in an easy, streamlined experience?  It now consists of three new modules for improved user experience and visibility: Fund Landing Page, Fund Details Page and Settings.

Fund Landing Page
The Fund Landing Page allows a fund owner or fund user to easily view the Service (SPP/HPP-S) and Product (HPP-P) funds they have access to, along with key details such as balance, expiration, and navigation to additional options.

Fund Details Page
The Fund Details Page is a central place where users can view graphical and transactional data by fund.

For Services funds (SPP, HPP-S):
- Users will benefit from a real time, click through experience when viewing transaction data, along with the introduction of new transaction types for improved search and sorting.
- Fund Owners and Fund Users will now share the same viewing privileges within the new UI (Ex: transaction, analytics, etc.)

For Product funds (HPP-P):
- Users will have access to improved analytics and will continue to have uninterrupted access to existing reports to view transactional data.  

Settings Page
The settings page will allow Fund Owners to manage their fund, including adding or removing fund users, limits, transfers, and more, in one central place.

Note: These features are applicable to users with existing access to Service (SPP/HPP-S) and Product (HPP-P)  Funds via their Customer Connect account.

For more details, view the following reference material:

Overview of My Funds Page, Fund Details Page, Settings Page, and navigation
Overview of Fund Details Page
Overview My Funds Settings

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If you need to reach one of our subject matter experts, feel free to post a question in the Cloud Customer Success Community.

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