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Join our VMware Cloud Expert Classes

We are excited to share with you the VMware Cloud Expert sessions.

This program helps customers learn more about various use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS. The topics include Working with your SDDC, SDDC Networking and Native AWS Integration, On-Premise Integration with VMware Cloud on AWS, Hybrid Linked Mode, HCX, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, and more. Demo labs are available to augment the training sessions.

You have access to these learning materials and can view them on the VMware Cloud Expert page.

What do our customers say about the VMware Cloud Expert learning sessions?

  • “Probably the best course I have taken in IT. In 3 days, EVERYTHING VMC on AWS was presented. It was really helpful that we are currently engaged in POC with VMC so I could replicate a lot of the learnings in a real world scenario at the same time. Rodney was a fantastic instructor and very knowledgeable.” 
  • “The class was outstanding. I do not have experience in AWS but this class has certainly provided the motivation to get to work on leveraging VMC on AWS.” 

We encourage you to visit the VMware Cloud Expert page to learn more.

If you need to reach one of our subject matter experts, feel free to post a question in the Cloud Customer Success Community.

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