I Purchased VMware Cloud on AWS. What's Next?

I Purchased VMware Cloud on AWS. What's Next?

This onboarding checklist highlights the steps and resources that are available to you as you prepare to create your first VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).

Please review our Onboarding Checklist to proceed.  Details of this process are outlined in the page below.  

You may find the detailed guide to Getting Started with VMware Cloud on AWS useful for information about onboarding, account creation and management, deploying and managing a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), connecting to vCenter Server, configuring SDDC networking and security and deploying workload VMs.

Note: The process in this checklist applies to purchases made through VMware. If you purchased VMware Cloud on AWS through AWS, see Onboarding Checklist for Purchasing through AWS.

If you need to reach one of our subject matter experts, feel free to post a question in the Cloud Customer Success Community.


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