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How do I select my IP Subnets and Connectivity for my VMware Cloud SDDC?

Many customers approach us and ask "How do I select my IP Subnets and Connectivity for my VMware Cloud SDDC?".

Luckily my dear Colleague Michael Kolos recently updated his Blog Post exactly asking this question.

It can be found here:

Selecting IP Subnets and Connectivity for your SDDC - VMware Cloud Community

In addition, another great colleague, Nico Vibert, posted some basics around Networking Considerations and wrote about some best practices:


As always:

Happy reading and please feel free to reach out in case you have any questions.

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You can select any subnets you like for the VMCoAWS envionment but they need to be private subnets and you will need to carve them out locally on your on prem location. I went through this just a few weeks ago and it went well. If you don't have dynamic routing on prem (no bgp) you will need to add static routes to your on prem router so the router will know where to send the vmc on aws packets. From a network point of view it is as if you are just adding a new subnet on prem in a way since it will act similar. You must know if you have dynmic or static routing on prem. If dynaic use a route based vpn, if static use policy based. Ensure all firewalls ports are opened and dont' forget to get a public ip and configure the nat if you have one in front of your firewall. If you have resticted subnets or dmz subnets on prem and they need to talk to vmc on aws make sure you configure ports. Let me know if i can help.