VCP55 expired, no delta VCP6 exam possible - very professional friendly

VCP55 expired, no delta VCP6 exam possible - very professional friendly

Hello VMware Community,

i was VMware certified since Version 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 to 5.5 since  2005.

This year i missed the renewal date by 1 month (vcp55 expired 02/20) and i was just told by VMware certification i have to retake the Training sessions.

Yeah, very professional friendly. Im already working more than a year with vsphere 6. i have to pay the exam fee of eur 250,- and now take the Training too.

This policy makes real friends. I´ll not recertify as VCP anymore.




You had the option of taking either the VCP6-DCV exam, or the special VCP6-DCV Delta exam prior to your deadline - path 1 on this page: VCP6-DCV Certification

You will now need to take training, VMware will permit you to take a shorter (and cheaper) What's New class, rather than a full class, if you wish - that's path 4 on the same page: VCP6-DCV Certification

Or, of course - you have the choice to stay expired.

Hello Scott,

thank you for your prompt answer. Unfortunately only the 3 day Option (5.5 to 6.5) is available. The 2 day Option (5.5 to 6.0) only available in spanish. The Lab Option throws an error. on the Website.

EUR1680 (Training) plus EUR 250 (exam) plus 3 days plus travel.

Sorry, no ROI visible to me. Looks like VMware doesnt honor a 12 year Long certification. I will recommend VMware Certification to my colleagues.

Mario Fuchs

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