complete reporting tool

complete reporting tool


I am looking for a tool on vmware that can give me a complete report of my vcenter vm's as well as the resources my vm's are using and the specifications (RAM,CPU,DISK, temps allumé,OS).

Is there a tool or script that does this job please?





This tool should be for you:

it's free.

P.S. you have not used the correct place for the question.


I generally use these from AsBuiltReport on Github.

for VMware vSphere this is the link:

Hope it helps.

Also you can check this link:

Top 10 VMware Admin Tools - Virtual Blocks Blog


@fabio1975and @8islas thanks about your answers 🙂

+1 for RVtools, the ability to automate reporting is pretty awesome too.

@Gohy nice to see it helps.


Nice tools thanks for sharing

@Gohy  If my information was helful please mark as the solution.

Thanks in advance.

RVTools is what I use.


Not sure why you created this as a "document" rather than as a "discussion" but it's too late now as nobody can change it.

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XIA Configuration provides several vCenter reports which include VMs, resources and specifications such as RAM, CPU, Disk, OS etc - find out more here: XIA Configuration - VMware Reporting Tool

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