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SSD Datastore not accessible after reset.


I had accidentally reset my ESXi host. (yeah. I know)

I set the network and so on and after it was back online, I noticed that one of my 2 storage devices were offline. 1 NVMe SSD which is working fine, and one SATA SSD that is just showing up a datastore with 1 partition and 0 bytes free.

Any attempt to edit this datastore or device come up with an error. I can't even delete it.

After some digging I discovered that the SSD, Samsung Evo 870, shows a status of "FROZEN." Not only does the trick to power cycle the drive get it un-frozen, but It's also showing up as a RAID drive?! So, standard tools to see the partition information will not work. I can see the old partition info and the files with a raid reconstructor, and could probably recover them if I had more than the freeware, but that won't get it out of this frozen state. 

Any one have some advice in dealing with getting this back to a useable state?


Thank you.

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