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How much flexibility do we have with the ESXi hosts in the VMware cloud in AWS?

If one creates a cluster with X nodes, As long as the minimum number is always stratified.  Do we have the ability to power off and power on a node or is it if they are powered off they are removed from our inventory and sent for re purpose for other customers?

I am just trying to understand the flexibility at the node level.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello dj,

As an end user power off or power on option is not available. you can only Add Host or Remove host from SDDC . however this should be done after doing a proper analysis, because at any point of time these hosts are part of vSAN cluster and a minimum requirement for the vSAN should always be full filled. in case of failure of any host in SDDC there is an automated Mechanism which restarts the faulting hosts and if even after reboot the host is not fixed It will automatically move towards the replacement of the host.



Community Manager
Community Manager

In addition to what was said, you may also be interested in the Elastic DRS feature (nice introduction from Frank D http://frankdenneman.nl/2018/07/17/introduction-elastic-drs/ ) which allows VMC to automatically scale up or down host capacity based on policies.