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vSphere data protection - overhead on data protection appliance for daily vs monthly backup


I am deploying vSphere data protection on an vSphere 5.1 environment which has about 50 VMs.

Suppose if there is consistant change of files on a daily basis, would running a monthly backup cause more over head vsphere DP applicance than running daily backup? Since vSphere data protection has to keep track of every block that is changing, keepin this data for a month will involve more work than keeping it for a day and start afresh next day?

Please someone advise me on this?



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Even if there is a consistent change in files on daily basis and the change is less than 25% compared to the full data, VDP would do an incremental backup using CBT(Changed Block Tracking).

if data change rate is <25%, i would schedule a daily backup.

If data change rate is >25%, i would go for a weekly backup with increased backup window.

- Make sure you have enough backup window configured atleast for the first full backup. Later you can have the default window(12 hrs).