vSphere Data Protection Restore Client not displaying any files


I am trying to work with VDP but I am having an issue with my files not displaying after I mount my backup.  I am getting no error message at any point, just my mounted backup with no file and an empty screen:

Untitled picture.png

I am running this on a Linux box and attempting to access VDP with Firefox or Chrome.  No matter what I try, I get the backup mounted with no issues and it looks as though there are no associated files in the backup pane.  When I click the dropdown arrow it says LOADING.... and then loads nothing.  After a few hours looking around on google I have only come across this non-error issue only 2 other times and neither of them had a solution.  So either someone here did something wrong that is so simple that I am missing it or it is something more complicated.  The only thing I could come up with on my own was that there is an issue with my current version of FLASH.

On page 14 under Software Requirements for VDP it says:

     VDP 5.5 requires the following software:

     Web browsers must be enabled with Adobe Flash Player 11.3 or higher to access the vSphere Web

     Client and VDP functionality

When I look at Firefox I am running 11.2.  If I go to try and upgrade I get a message that FLASH is no longer going to be updated beyond 11.2 with Linux.  I get a little bit of a different thing for updating Chrome, but same idea.  How can I use VDP on Linux if I cant update FLASH?  Or is there something else I am missing that I should try.  If other information is needed please let me know.

Thanks in advance for the assistance


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