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vDP File Level Restore Issue

Hi Guys,

I am having an issue within my vSphere environment that has me stuck.

I have two vDP devices across two data centers.  Each device is doing local backups of the VMs within that datacenter and replicated using VDP Replication to the other appliance.

I have no problems with the VDP appliance at one location and I can access the /vdp-configure and /flr from anywhere.

At the other datacenter, I can only access the /vdp-configure but the /flr gives a 404 error from Tomcat that says 'resource not available'

I deployed this VDP the same way as the other using an OVA file and the configuration is correct.  I even tried redeploying the appliance and I have the same issue.

Configuration works fine and the unit is taking successful backups, I just don't know why the FLR doesn't work for this one appliance.

Any thoughts or suggestions for where I can look would be appreciated.



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