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error running VMwareRestoreClient.exe on windows 2003 server

Hi All,

We are testing VDR version 2 with our ESX 4.1.0,381591 server(s) and it seems to be backing up VMs fine. When we run the VMwareRestoreClient.exe on a Windows 2003 SP2 box to test file level restores it complained that we didn't have a high enough version of .NET so I did some windows updates and brought .NET to version 4. Now when I run the exe it complains with...

"Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application".

The title bar to this error window reads

"VMwareRestoreClient.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error".

Any thoughts on how to proceed?


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Try checking if the other versions of the .NET frameworks are installed also. I would guess that this would be using .NET framework 3.5 rather than 4, and the DEVs where I work tell me they are not backwards or forwards compatible therefore you might need to install the run times side by side as this error looks as if it not finding the correct version.