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we have a VMware Essentials Kit Plus, and we want the the native utilites for backup VM´s. We have look for Vsphere Data Protection, which is a VM that includes the tools we want.

First question : is it possible, fr questions of space available, to put for exemple the VDP on a ESXi Server, and then connect to Vcenter?

Second Question : is it possible to mount a iscsi datastore, on vsphere/vcenter and then make the backups/snapshots for that datastore.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @Aaz0968975432a ,

VDP is of a end of life product and is no longer supported. VDP was last supported with vSphere/vCenter version 6.5. If you decide to deploy VDP in a 6.5 environment and later upgrade the environment to 6.7 or newer versions, VDP will be of no use.

As far as functions are concerned, yes you need to deploy VDP on a ESXi host and register it with vCenter. 

VDP appliance is deployed in following configurations- 0.5 TB, 1 TB and 2 TB which can later be expanded up to 8 TB post deployment. Backups are stored locally within the VDP appliance.

Hope that helps.

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