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Vsphere Data Protection 5.5 - can't recover disk

Hello to all,

Congrats on the community for these valuable resources. First time in the forum, so bear with me.

Setup is the following:

Vsphere Web Client 5.5 with Data Protection 5.5 (two appliances).

I am trying to restore 1 HDDs from a specific VM (4 HDDs in total) without success.

Info gathered:

1. I can't see the job on the recent tasks. I have to go to more tasks. Additionally, I can't cancel the job from tasks. The only way to cancel is using mccli activity cancel --id=(job id). Task is visible in Vsphere client. Before canceling I waited for over 5 hours.

2. The disk is 30GB in size but the restore always stays "In progress" without any indication. Only way to check: mccli activity show --active

3. Disk name on the original VM is disk003.vmdk. I check the log files from cmd in /usr/local/…and at some point I can see an error:

"...disk003.vmdk is not recorded in the backup and can't be restored". I can't see any other obvious error.

Conclusion is that job stays always in progress, can't be canceled using the web client and the disk is never restored.

I also tried to restore in a different VM with the same results.

Any clue on this "vmdk is not recorded in the backup and can't restored" ?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi and welcome. Do you happen to have support from VMware on this? If so, I would recommend to *immediately* open a support case and hope they'll help you. Reason being that VDP is way out of vogue (and EoL) and, consequently, not a whole lot of folks do use (or have used) that product on that version. So you might have more luck going straight to VMware.

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