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VMworld 2013 Announcement - Free Backup for Free ESXi

At VMWorld 2013 on Aug. 28,  Unitrends announced a new and improved free edition of its Unitrends Enterprise Backup software for up to four virtual machines that runs on the unlicensed -- free-- version of VMware vSphere Hypervisor.

Solution Highlights:

  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup can be deployed as a virtual appliance upon the entire family of VMware ESX, ESXi and now ESXi Free
  • Seamless and granular support at both the virtual host level and guest level for operating systems and applications with respect to backup, archiving, and replication
  • Fully functioning enterprise solution that includes automated scheduling, global deduplication, archiving, and much more.
  • Free Edition can be downloaded here: http://go.unitrends.com/unitrends-and-free-esxi

[Disclaimer: I'm not in sales, but I do work for Unitrends]

How'd we do it?

We didn’t break any laws of physics – nor any other laws of man or nature – we simply extended our licensing such that a limited set of VMs would be supported at the GOS (Guest Operating System) level.  Because Unitrends supports data protection at both the HOS (Host Operating System) level as well as the GOS level, it was straightforward to make this happen.  It’s actually no different than many of our customers who use our products to protect 100% virtual environments with granular combinations of HOS- and GOS-level protection or those that have mixed physical and virtual environments who of course use HOS- and GOS-level protection (obvious because in the physical world there is only GOS-level protection.)

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