VM Direct Path - NIC teaming (VMDirectPath I/O pass-through devices)


Quesion on if this will work and if it's sensible.;

Software: Running ESX 5.1 U1 (standard licence so no dVSwitches)

Hardware: HP ProLiant DL380p, 3 x HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331T Adapter

Problem/Issue: We need to backup some large exchange VMs via the network to a physical TSM Server.

The physical TSM Server has 4 teamed NICs and is on an ether channel.  We need to aggregate the bandwidth on the ESX / VM to get faster backups from point to point.

The Hardware is connected by cisco 2960x switches


The plan is to configure the VM to use VMDirectPath I/O for one of the 4 Port adapters and configure it with HP NIC teaming software.

Would this work?, Ie, would the possible bandwidth be increased from/to the VM ?

Would the bandwidth be increased specifically for the TSM backup traffic - I'm thinking of IP/MAC hashing and the fact that its a single application and it is a specific one to one connection. (I guess i'm asking would it still just use one port in/out of the switch/VM as it's a one to one mapping (ip and MAC) rather than a one to many mapping.

Unfortunately my comms knowledge is not great - hence the above question.

Any suggestions welcome - shoot me down in flames also OK.


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