VDR - Restore from complete failure


I am using VDR 2.0 and think its pretty good, but I am wondering what are the exact requirements to get it working in a complete DR scenario.

I have vCenter as a VM, with a couple of vSphere 5 hosts in a cluster.

The cluster uses one SAN for actually running VM's, and part of another SAN for VDR (Both the appliance itself and storage), I currently have 3 VDR VM's (One running on each host, each has a 500GB VMFS drive for storage).

In the event of losing everything on the production SAN, I understand I can follow the guide posted as a sticky, but was wondering the following questions...

If I have a brand new fresh installed host at DR site, will VDR work (Does it require the host to have a valid full licence?, rather than the evaluation???, and if so are there vSphere 5 standalone licence keys? - Cannot see any...)

Also should I deploy a completely new VDR instance and attach it to the VDR VMFS datastore, or simply inventory and power on the existing VDR appliances?

As an aside does anyone know a easy way of archiving the VDR data to tape? I was wondering if I could use a Linux box to mount a SAN RO Snapshot of the VDR Datastore??

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