VDP Replication Job stuck at 92%

This is a new setup I'm testing before rolling it out to all my sites.

I have a replication job configured that only has one small VM of about 20GB but it never gets past 92%. It spawns a destination task that also never gets past 98%. I originally had multiple VMs in the replication job but removed them because I thought maybe it was just taking a really long time to replicate, however with just the one small VM it still never seems to finish and will run for days until the job is suppose to start again at the scheduled weekly time.


Both appliances are using Data Domains for storage and VDP is 6.1

Where should I start to troubleshoot?

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92% is a very generic place for issues. I see jobs "Stall" at 92% but then finish a while later.

For this issue, I would gather the logs from the appliance and post here or submit to VMware

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This is expected with Data Domain storage.  VDP doesn't get an updated replication status until the data domain completes replicating a client backup.  More specifically VDP uses data domain managed file replication.  VDP doesn't update the progress until the Data Domain completes replicating a file.  You can see progress via data domain command "ddboost file-replication show active".

This EMC KB has some more info regarding how it works: https://support.emc.com/kb/464759

By design VDP replication job ends after around 24 hours.  If this is the first time running a replication job you might need to let it run for a few days to "seed".  The first replication for each client will take significantly longer.  After the first it can use synthetic aware replication which uses significantly less bandwidth.  If you've been running the replication job for awhile you might need more bandwidth.

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