VDP 6.1 Failed to Create SQL Server Backup Job, No Databases Showing up.


I just deployed VDP Appliance 6.1 into our ESXi 5.5 host. Everything's running smoothly (backup-restore VM Image, File Level Restore, Backup verification etc.), but there is one issue: when I want to create Backup Job for SQL Server Database, there are several SQL Servers (computer name) showing up on drop down, but i couldn't see all the databases.

I suspect the problem might on the permission, i have tried this tips with no luck.

VDP Appliance: 6.1.3 (downloaded OVA file from VMware website)

OS SQL Agent: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

SQL Server: 2014


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Could you do this:

On the SQL Machine go to: Program Files > avp > var and create a file called avsql.cmd

In this file enter the below parameters.




Then perform the create backup job task again until the point where no DB is listed.

Then provide me with the log bundle (AVA_GUI_browse.txt)

This file should be under the same folder where you created the avsql.cmd file.


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Hi i'm back. Hope this thread not too old to have a fix.

I have created avsql.cmd with the parameter inside, after performed to create backup job task again, the log bundle is not appear.

I'm sure has created file name and the parameter correct.



Got it, i use cmd to produce the log. Here's.

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Hi Jongoodson,

I know this is not directly related to the question you asked, but on April 5th, 2017, VMware announced end of availability for vSphere Data Protection. Even though VDP 6.1 will still be supported for quite a while, till 2020, there will be no further product development and you may want to consider other backup products long-term.

More information here: End of Availability (EOA) of VMware vSphere Data Protection (2149614) | VMware KB

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