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VDP - Problem to backup 4 of all my VMs


I'm encontering a problem to backup just 4 VMs of all my VMs since I upgrade from ESXi 4.1 to 5.1.

To begin, I have 2 VMware ESXi.

All was OK with VMware ESXi 4.1 and VMware Data Recovery.

When I upgraded from 4.1 to 5.1, impossible for me to megrate old bachkup from VDR because of the plugin version used of VDR : v 1.x

So, after upgrading to ESXi 5.1, i began from scratch.

I created a new datastore  of 3.6To (on a NAS with iSCSI LUN)

I created 3 tasks backup.

And now I have always the same problem on always the same 4 vritual machines.

VDP : Échec de l'opération à cause d'un snapshot existant. (Fail due to an existant snapshot)
02/10/2013 16:30:16
VDP : procédure de sauvegarde
vSphere Data Protection

The problem is that when I check the snapshot manager, there are no snapshot for those VMs.

When I browse the datastore, strangely, many many files like this :



So what is the issue ?

An other problem, maybe in link with my problem, I often have this message in logs :

Impossible de connecter DOMAIN\vdp@ (Impossible to connect DOMAIN\vdp@ : is my VDP appliance IP


02/10/2013 16:34:03


Thanks a lot for your help

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

To resolve this issue, you must configure a DNS host record before deploying a vSphere Data Protection (VDP) appliance. Make sure you have configured your DNS server for the VDP appliance with a pointer for mapping the IP address to the VDP appliance, and that it is created according to your vendor's specifications.

for more info please check this KB :

VMware KB: IP/DNS could not be resolved during vSphere Data Protection (VDP) 5.1.x installation

Hope this helped .

Best regards

Your Oscar



Thanks for your help, but I did it when I installed VDP.

To install VDP, I used the manual.

I verified just now :

Envoi d'une requête 'ping' sur vmvspheredataprotection.domain.local []

avec 32 octets de données :

Réponse de : octets=32 temps<1ms TTL=64

Réponse de : octets=32 temps<1ms TTL=64

Réponse de : octets=32 temps<1ms TTL=64

Statistiques Ping pour

    Paquets : envoyés = 3, reçus = 3, perdus = 0 (perte 0%),

Durée approximative des boucles en millisecondes :

    Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Moyenne = 0ms




Serveur :  pdc.domain.local


Nom :    vmvspheredataprotection.domain.local

So problem is not here.

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