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Unable to Complete Backup of Virtual Machine Using Veeam

Trying to backup a Virtual Machine and it is stopping, stating that there is a locked file. I can backup the machine while offline.

Veeam logs show the following:

[01.10.2022 02:16:02] <40> Error Failed to prepare VM for processing: DiskLib error: [13].The file is locked or in use -- File open failed: File not open
[01.10.2022 02:16:02] <40> Error --tr:Failed to start file downloading. VMFS path: [[storagename] VMNAME/VMNAME.vmx].

I've reached out to Veeam support and they are saying that there is a vmx.lck file (and there is), which is causing the lock and to contact VMWare, but from what I can tell, that is normally in place for a running VM. Other VM running on the same storage and host are backing up correctly while running.


I've tried the following to correct the issue:

  • Restarting the host
  • Migrating the VM to a different host
  • Migrating the VM to a different storage device
  • Restarting vCenter
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This has been resolved.


Veeam was reporting a locked file, it was actually Veeam not being able to communicate on Port 902 to two of our three hosts due to a network configuration issue.