Slow restore speed of virtual machine

Hello! I have a question about slow restore speed of virtual machine.

Backup speed of 8 VM (parallel) is about 900...950 GBytes per hour

Restore speed of one VM on VMFS through SAN is only 75...80 GBytes per hour.

A similar rate of restore observed when restoring VM to the physical backup host (HP Data Protector 7: "Destination" --> "Restore to Directory")

Why restore speed so slow and how to increase it?

Infrastructure Descripion:

VMware vSphere 5.0 Update 2 Enterprise (ESXi Build is 914586)

12 hosts (HP ProLiant BL460c G7/Gen8)

VAAI Supported and Active

~100 VMs

10 VMFS LUNs, 2 TBytes each, Round Robin Multipathing

HP P6550 EVA with latest firmware (11001100)

FibreChannel, 4 Gbit/sec

HP MSL4048, LTO-5

HP Data Protector 7.0 Update 1 + Latest Patches

Physical Backup Host, Transport Method - SAN, LUNs in backup host disk management are "Online"

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What is the speed of only one backup ? because when i see your stats you have 900GB/H for 8 VMs, So basically , one VM is around 100GB/H.

A restauration is always more slower that a backup job. So maybe your restore isn't really slower that it.

Otherwise, do you perform a backup and a restore in the same way? Backup and restore in LAN Free for example



Regards, J.Varela
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