Restoring VMs from NetApp snapshots

vSphere 5

NetApp FAS2040

I tried restoring a VM using NetApp SMVI, the VM was 40GB thin provisioned.

I  right clicked the VM > NetApp > Backup and Recovery > Restore  > Picked the Backup > Chose "the entire VM" > Finish.

The restore took seven hours and it re-inflated the VM to 1.3TB

This  was completely worthless as I could have built the machine from scratch  in that time and it nearly wouldn't fit on my storage.

Does anyone know a quicker alternative to restore a snapshot of a thin provisioned VM without inflating it?

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You should have a couple of options when restoring the VM.  Restore or Mount.

If you restore the VM, it will copy all of the data to a new volume for you to then do what you want to it.

If you choose to mount the VM, it should use a flexclone by using the snapshot and give you access to the server much faster.

I hope this is useful.
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