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Problem using VDR to restore a machine with RAW LUN

I am having a problem restoring a machine using VDR.

The machine I am trying to restore has its OS on a standard VM volume and the data volume mounted as a RAW LUN, as expected it does not backup the RAW LUN but it will not allow me to restore the machines standard VM volume.

I get the error

"Trouble writing files, error -3956 (operation failed)"

This is not a disaster recovery at the moment but a test of the backup therefore I am renaming the machine on restore.

Any ideas?

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Are you able to see the vmdk you want to restore in vDR?  If so, have you tried telling vDR to only restore that vmdk to a different datastore?

Here is an example:

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 1.15.36 PM.png

You might see two or more depending on the VM.

I hope this help.

Will Johnson VCP on VI3 / VI4 vSphere 5
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