Need help determining the ideal recovery scheme

I recently started at a new company (and also the IT field) about 8 months ago. We have an IBM Blade stack with VSphere and the virtual machines. Currently we have a server that is being completely replicated to another machine on the same stack. Recently we rebooted this server and it blue screened upon trying to boot back up. A tech that we contract out believes Windows updated HDD drivers and the reboot then applied them. This problem obviously also affected our replicated server.

So what I'm wondering is what would be the best method to back up information on this server without having to back up the entire machine. Is VRanger capable of backing up only specific directories and not the entire machine? Also, we have attempted to backup the files to a different physical server but users complained for a slow connection to the server. I'm not sure what would cause the slow connection, HDD latency would affect the entire SAN, I believe, and even a NIC bottleneck would also affect the other machines correct? Is there a setting in VSphere that is limiting the HDD or network utilization?

Thank you for your time and help in understanding this better. Could anyone recommend a good book to catch up on the basics of VMs, VSphere and Vranger? Thanks again! -Mark

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