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Migrating to VDP from EMC Avamar/DD solution, sizing question

In a cost savings move, we're going to be migrating from the full EMC Avamar package and use VDP instead, and then also ditching our Data Domain for an EMC Isilon for double duty as CIFS/NFS and VDP target.  Not sure if anyone has done a migration of this sort.  Which I guess isn't really a migration, it's just a fresh start on VDP and letting the old backups age out of the Avamar/DD.

Anyways, I was trying to get some sizing recommendations, how best to size out how many appliances to deploy and what not, any particular guidelines people use outside of the basic recommendations in the docs.  I know it's completely a "it depends" type question, but any tips would be great.  We have 500 VMs taking up about 70TB, Avamar and the Data Domain get that down to about 44TB.  Not sure how many have an environment about this size, I'd be curious what your setup might be like to have a starting point.  Thanks.

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