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Management service start failed and MCS service down, an error is something about administrator server's database

Hi, everybody

I have a problem about management service on VDP start failed and I can't get into VDP panel on Vsphere Client.

I have faced this problem last 2 month and it was solved by deploying new VDP appliance (I lost all schedule config)

(refer to my latest post VDP Management service start failed and can't get into VDP panel)

This problem occurred again on the same VDP Smiley Sad

This time, I found an error about MCS service down, thus I try to start MCS service by using command #dplctn start mcs

but still get error as below screenshot


and then I try to issue command # mcserver.sh --start, still get same error


An error is something about database of Administrator server. Dose anyone have any idea?

I'd like to try to solve this problem again before deploy new VDP appliance.

Many thank in advance


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