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Linux File Level Restore (error -2241)

After an issue with our existing datastore for vdr backups vmware support adviced us to create a new datastore target for vdr.

The old one was a raw device lun on SCSI-1:0 (backup seems to be corrupt).

The new one is vmdk on SCSI-1:1.

We use the existing backup jobs with the new vmdk target.

After a few days without any vdr trouble we deleted the old raw device lun (unmount, delete).

Restore, Restore Rehearsal and File Level Restore on Windows works without any problems.

But File Level Restore on Linux (SLES 11 SP1/SP2 - 32bit/64bit) does not work.

Before the mentioned issue with our corrupt datastore everything works well with SLES (FUSE, 32bit Runtime).

I changed the Virutal Device Node for the new vmdk from SCSI-1:1 to SCSI-1:0 but the error already exists.

(VMware Data Recovery Doc recommendation to use SCSI-1:0, 2:0, 3:0 or 4:0 for new disc).

The following image shows the output with the verbose option.


I think there is an existing relationship (link) to the old raw device mapping datastore or something like a cache (client or server side).

Thanks for your help.

VMware SR -> Unsupported guest OS for FLR. No further investigation.

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