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Is there a workaround to allow VDP to use NFS windows shares? VDP installation failure.

VDP installation has been failing me ever since. Today, Techsupport pointed out that Windows NFS shares are not supported for storing the VDP virtual drives. Is there a work around for this? My only bulk storage space is on a NAS running Windows Storage Server 2008R2, with an NFS share. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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Did you ever get a solution to this issue? I am in the exact same situation and I would really like to get VDP running off of my Windows NFS share.

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Bottom line, Windows based NFS is not supported for running any VMs.  That goes for VDP, Windows, Linux or any other VMs.  While I find it handy for mounting a datastore for .iso files, I have had significant problems with putting VMs on them.  So they are not kidding.  Do not put VMs on Windows based NFS datastores!

On the other hand.  The Free version of Starwind will allow you to create an iSCSI datastore that runs quite efficiently on Windows.

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Correct. You can use Windows NFS server to create a mount point and run VMs from it but MSFT NFS is not on HCL. There's a good blog post on VMware blogs here:

How to Enable NFS on Windows 2008 and Present to ESX | VMware Support Insider - VMware Blogs

"Warning: Windows Services for UNIX is not a supported storage solution for use with ESX, and the information in this article is provided as-is. For a full list of supported storage solutions, refer to our Hardware Compatibility List. VMware provides support only for the devices that are listed in the Hardware Compatibility List."

We do recommend to use iSCSI (YES we'll be on 5.5 HCL again soon) to create a fault-tolerant VM data store with us and run VMs from it. This functionality for a pair of hyper-converged hosts (amount of VMware hosts using created HA data store is unlimited so it's OK to use data store replicated between 2 hosts in say 5 node VMware cluster) is free of charge for VMware users (Hyper-V is different). See:


You can use us to spawn a failover NFS file shares on top of an HA iSCSI volumes to create a general-purpose fault-tolerant NFS file server to store VDI profiles. See:


At the end of the day you'll get a solution Nexenta sells for quite a money to pair VMware Virtual SAN. NexentaConnect? Something like this:


Except we're not going to charge you a single cent for nether replicated block storage nor for failover NFS server Smiley Happy

Good luck and happy clustering!