Image & Restore a Windows Server OS from within a Virtual Machine

Is it feasible to Image & Restore a Windows Server OS from within a Virtual Machine?

It seems like it would be feasible. However, I have no experience with this situation.

It seems like you could install an Imaging Solution on the Windows OS of a Windows VM and schedule image backups to an external backup server. If the VM that you imaged gets corrupted and you want to restore an image you could boot the VM from the Imaging Solution's WinPE Recovery Media and restore the latest image from the backup server. Of course, you would have add the appropriate Network Drivers to the WinPE Recovery Media when you build it.

Would this idea work?

The reason that I ask this is that I have a bunch of VM's that are being backed up from a VM using Veeam. I was told that if the Veeam backup VM every had problems that I could just install Windows again, install Veeam again followed by loading the Veeam backup configuration file which is being backed up weekly to another server. This seems like a lot of work, especially since you have to install all of the Windows patches again. Note: A Veeam backup VM cannot backup itself.

I know about VDP backups.  I have never used the VDP backup function.  However, I don't want to use space on my Datastore to store the backups.  I would prefer to backup to a couple of NAS Servers.

Note:  Someone told me about the simplicity of copying the contents of VM's folder on the DataStore.  However, the disk allocation size is about 600 GB and it would take a long time to copy that much uncompressed data across a network.

Thanks in Advance.

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