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Data Recovery weird problem

Hello all,

I have just setup a small vSphere Infrastructure (2 ESXi, Advanced version) for a customer and am playing around with Data Recovery upgraded to latest version.

I'm running into a real weird problem : when backing up a VM, at some point, the snapshots seems to go live and the VM and its snapshot run at the same time ! The snapshotted VM then runs until you remove it from the backup job.

This does not prevent the backup job from finishing, and thus you find yourself with just two instances of the very same VM running on the LAN. You can imagine the result.

Attached is a screenshot I made this morning ; the "ghost VM" is clearly seen under the .vmdks.

Has someone experienced this problem ? Any idea ?

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I saw that this morning ! Just installed DR yesterday and this morning I saw that, but in my case it didn't seem to be any duplicate vm running when looking at the host and clusters view.

It only showed the "ghost" vms in the Data Recovery view. At the time there where no backup running.

I restarted the DR appliance and everything looks fine again.

Running DR 1.0.2 562. with ESX4

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