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Data Recovery VMDK size limit

I am trying to use VMware Data Recovery on an NFS datastore over NAS. 

For some reason, I cannot create a VMDK larger than 2 TBs.  I have to create multiple 2 TB virtual disks in order to be able to backup using VMware Data Recovery.  Is there any way that I can create a VMDK that is larger than 2 TBs for the Data Recovery appliance?  Seems like a big restriction and does not make for efficient use of storage when having to split up backups onto multiple 2 TB disks.

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VMware Employee


Here we go for the vDR limitation

Maximum 100 VMs backed up per appliance

Maximum 2 de-duplication stores per appliance

No more than one appliance per vCenter Server supported

Cannot reside in vApp

Multiple appliances are independent and do not interact


Disk only – no tape/media integration

Maximum of 1TB per de-duplication store


Maximum 8 concurrent backup and 8 concurrent restore jobs

One backup per VM allowed every 24 hours

Appliance vCPU usage must be under 80%


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