Data Recovery - Flapping network connectivity


Every now and then I check the vm data recovery appliance. And today, I found out it was innaccessible through the vClient. So, I sshed to it and in doubt, rebooted it.

On reboot it did some cleanup, integrity check and removed snapshots. All tasks were visible in the vClient Data Recovery Addon. However, I tried managing the appliance. And somehow I could connect but intermittently, and kept being sent back to the connect screen.

So I pinged the appliance. And at the moment, for every minutes of pings, I have 20 seconds where the ping don't get any response. Now I thought maybe it was the same for all VMs, so I pinged all VMs on the host. No problem.

Anyone would have any idea why for every minute, the appliance is like 20 seconds unconnectable from the network ?

I have no idea where too lookup for the logs in this context and the message.log file is not meaningfull at the moment for me.


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