Can you sue a company for faulty software?


This is the question...

To be honest I have had just about enough of VDR.

After running fine for several months, I am now repeatedly getting random integrity failures which of course take an age to sort (If possible - the majority of times it is ends up being the case that you have to scrap the whole store and start again - which of course means you lose all the possibly fine historical backups too, because VMware has no supported way of getting any backups out).

I would not mind too much if VMware said "Look here is this software we have made, its free and has its limitations/issues but you can use it if you want."

However what VMware do is actually push this as a paid for production ready piece of software for the more advanced levels of the vSphere range. This is completely unacceptable. As an end user purchasing software, if I see a feature that is explained like VDR is on VMware's website, I expect it to work.

Whenever I log a support call for VDR, even the VMware engineers I speak to say it is not ready for production and they see lots and lots of cases of store corruption, and basically everytime despite numerous time consuming attempts to repair, as mentioned earlier the basic resolving scenario is just wipe away and start again. This makes it absolutely useless for storing anything other than the last nights backup, because you can never be sure that a backup which completed fine 3 months ago (And has been integrity checked several times since then), may all of a sudden be magically corrupted, forcing a wipe of the entire store...

I hear 2.1 is due soon, and thats going to be it for VDR, as VMware/EMC are working on something else... anyone got any ideas?

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Similar Problem here. I gave up and purchased Veeam Backup & replication. It's been great.

Ok for VDR , the secret to keeping your VDR working is to make sure you always have plenty of  free diskspace. Not sure on how much but ,I lost 11 datastores. I was trying to backup 520GB to a 380GB store.  Worked ok for about 30 - 45 days.  First backup used 220GB, I limited the backups to 5 restore points but the problems start once the reclaim tasks cannot complete, disk full status etc.  I now only backup 1 VM   32 GB to a 120GB store and has been working fine for 2 months. I have a case with VMware, they are aware of the problem. I believe they have also reproduced the problem and should be fixed in 2.1.  Not sure when it will be available.

I have not renew our support with VMware until they fix the problem. Whats the point of paying for support if nothing gets fixed.

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