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Backup VDP appliance with veem to export data on external disk, is it a good way ?


I'm using VDP to backup my VM.

I wish to backup these data on tape, then I 'm looking for a good solution.

I'm testing veeam to backup the VDP appliance on an external disk, then I backup this disk on tape.

Do you think it's a good practice ?

Thanks in advance.

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From my perspective, you’d better backup this VM with Veaam and later use both backup copy and backup to tape job in order copy backup data to different places. Backup copy job will handle the process of copying backup files offsite, while, backup to tape the process of copying data to tape.

Having one solution for this purpose will provide you with required VM offsite/tape tracking mechanism. You will know on which tape medias particular VMs reside on, what medias are required in order to restore certain VM, etc.