2 not working vdp's with /space partition full

been having some odd happenings the last few days where services would be stopped in the morning on 2 of the VDP appliances, usually management and scheduled

this morning 4 services were stopped on both.

tried reboots on both (took a log bundle from one first)

after more than an hour at the 10 minutes initializing proxies message i logged a call with vmware for help as these are production backup servers.

waited several hours for a return email (after asking for a phone call)  in the meantime reset the machines again.

support not much help, he just suggested it can take a couple of hours to boot and maybe take memory to 8GB for a faster boot.

after about 3 hours the console showed a complete boot, but no web access and no access through vc web client.

shutdown and added memory to both about 3 hours later same thing, console shows completed boot but no access.

logged into the console and checked the disks and found /space partition is 100% full.  another vdp that is still working is about 5% full.

took a full ls of the partition and found a 32GB (the partition is 79GB) called mcs_data_dump.sql in path /space/avamar/var/mc/server_data

does not seem like something that should be there.

can anybody suggest if it is ok to rm this file to get the space back so i can get these backups going again.

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I had the same issue ... you'll have to contact VMware support to sort it out ... apparently it's a bug and a hotfix/kb will be published soon.

-- Kind regards, Marko. VCP5
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There is now a patch for this issue.  See the vdp_patch- file located here

Download VMware vCloud Suite

The KB on how to deploy the .run file is located here


-Greg Sparks
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