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how can config esxi that after vmnic2,vmnic3 disabled migrate vms to other host


i have a question about migrate vm when that's network in disabled

i have 2 esxi host each of them has  4 Nic

vmnic0 , vmnic1 are assigned to standard switch for managment

vminc2,vmnic3 are assigned to distributed switch for VMs

now if on my host 1 vmnic2,cmnic3 unplugged all of my vms on this vmnc have to migrate to second host but not work

how can config my esxi for solve this problem ?

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There is no such functionality in vSphere which would trigger VMotion when VM loses network connectivity. vSphere can restart VMs on other hosts if ESXi host fails, but loss of network connectivity to VMs is obviously not considered as a host failure.

What scenario are you trying to test? Because if you have redundant uplinks on a vSwitch, both uplinks failing at the same time is very rare and would almost never happen.

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