VSphere FT: problem with ".ft-generation", "ft.lockFile" and "configFile"

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the power on of a vm. The power-on task fails with the message: Failed - Module 'FTCpt' power on failed.

In the vmware.log file of the vm I have this:

2019-11-11T07:27:33.888Z| vmx| I125: FILE: File_GetVMFSAttributes: could not open /vmfs/volumes/5db97b0f-31818374-f87f-38eaa7930360/SCA085SUP/.ft-generation: No such file or directory

2019-11-11T07:27:33.888Z| vmx| W115: FTCpt: (0 unk) Error getting VMFS mount info for "ft.lockFile" = "/vmfs/volumes/5db97b0f-31818374-f87f-38eaa7930360/SCA085SUP/.ft-generation".

2019-11-11T07:27:33.888Z| vmx| W115:

2019-11-11T07:27:33.888Z| vmx| W115: FTCpt: (0 unk) Error: FT requires a valid value for "ft.lockFile"

2019-11-11T07:27:33.888Z| vmx| I125: Module 'FTCpt' power on failed.

2019-11-11T07:27:33.888Z| vmx| I125: VMX_PowerOn: ModuleTable_PowerOn = 0

2019-11-11T07:27:33.888Z| vmx| I125: Vix: [mainDispatch.c:1180]: VMAutomationPowerOff: Powering off.

2019-11-11T07:27:33.889Z| vmx| W115: /vmfs/volumes/5db6be0c-09660438-1c76-38eaa7930360/SCA085SUP/SCA085SUP.vmx: Cannot remove symlink var/run/vmware/0/234791768610_2122308/configFile: No such file or directory

2019-11-11T07:27:33.889Z| vmx| I125: WORKER: asyncOps=0 maxActiveOps=0 maxPending=0 maxCompleted=0

2019-11-11T07:27:33.905Z| vmx| I125: Vix: [mainDispatch.c:4239]: VMAutomation_ReportPowerOpFinished: statevar=1, newAppState=1873, success=1 additionalError=0

2019-11-11T07:27:33.906Z| vmx| I125:

2019-11-11T07:27:33.906Z| vmx| I125+ Power on failure messages: Module 'FTCpt' power on failed.

2019-11-11T07:27:33.906Z| vmx| I125+ Failed to start the virtual machine.

2019-11-11T07:27:33.906Z| vmx| I125:

Can everybody tell me how to fix this? I can't turn the vm on even from the vCSA.

Thanks for your replies Smiley Happy

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I just had the same problem.  I had enabled SMP FT, and then I had odd issues with VMXNET3 and UDP RSS (I believe) and this locked up a lot of stuff, caused all kinds of issues and somehow even after disabling SMP FT, it was not really disabled.  It was a mess.

What I did was I unregistered the VM, edited the VMX file and commented out the following lines and re-registered the VM:

#ftcpt.enabled = "TRUE"

#ftcpt.newMetadataDir = "true"

#ft.metadataFile = "/vmfs/volumes/5e1a720e-88519630-dc80-4cd98f9ed01f/VPN-1/shared.vmft"

#ft.lockFile = "/vmfs/volumes/5e1a720e-88519630-dc80-4cd98f9ed01f/VPN-1/.ft-generation"

I believe the only thing needed to be disabled is the first line, as I missed that one in the first pass and still had that error.  After commenting out that line it boot just fine.  I would suggest disabling your FT, cleaning up manually (on the other datastore) and re-enabling it again.  I have no plans to do that here until I work out the NIC issue first.  My experience, it's a hardware firmware issue.

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