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i want to buy 2 HP PROLIANT DL580 G5 6-CORE INTEL XEON E7450 PROCESSOR 2.40 GHZ. That processor is compatible following the vmware kb 1008027 document. But if we look inside the "Search the VMware Compatibility Guide" and we put that server it says that is not compatible with FT.

therefore , my future server will be compatible or not?

it seems there is a contradictory on it.

Thanks a lot.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello juanin00,

The fact that it does not say FT-Compatible in the "Compatibility Guide" probably means that the particular system (HP Proliant DL580 G5) has not been tested for FT yet. However, if you click on the processor (Intel 74xx Series), it shows a FT compatible set for that processor. Also, other systems with the Intel 74xx processors are compatible with FT (like the Dell PowerEdge R900).

It looks like the only HP systems that have been tested with FT are the HP DL365 G5, HP DL380 G5, and HP DL380 G6. So, none of the DL58x series have been tested.

However, I would contact your local VMware Representative to see if they can get a good answer for you before you purchase the HP DL580 G5 servers. I hope this helps.

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Harley Stagner

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