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Potential failover solutions


fairly new to VMware, so bare with me... Hope this is the right forum...

We have a site remote from the main datacentres, it has one host (ESXi 5.5) with 3 VMs. Will call this site H.

One of the data centres is a HyperV environment - can I say that on here /joke! - will call this site L.

The other data centre is going to have all kit replaced, existing equipment is being replaced at some stage in 2014. Will call this site I.

I would like to have some form of failover in the event of a hardware failure, automatically would be great.

Site connectivity is not ideal...

Site H is connected to Site I on a 10MB MPLS connection, that is getting towards congested.

Site H is connected to Site L on a 100MB P2P connection, that is operating nicely.

The servers are

1. Domain controller - file shares, DHCP, DNS, printing, AV distribution

2. SQL production

3. SQL beta/development/training environments

Any thoughts or directions to research will be appreciated!

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi plateau666,

Try reading on the following

SRM and vSphere Replication. provided below are the links


SRM Datasheet


About vSphere replication


The above should be enough to solve the problem. Please let me know if you require any more details


Thanks, will go away and do some reading!

We are backing up our VMs images with Acronis currently.

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