HA Isolation Response difficulties

Hello everybody,

we got a vSphere Cluster with 2 Clusternodes.

The problem: We added a new physical switch to our network, which causes a renewal of the spanning tree algorithm. The consequence was, that HA on each host meant that the hosts were isolated, so that all VM´s shut down.

The Question: Are there any parameters which causes a shut-down delay for the vm´s, so that theres enough time for HA to get the heartbeat again... which again wouldn´t cause HA to shutdown the VM´s.

If not, we thought about a alternative solution:

We thought about a second Service Console (new vSwitch) on the Hosts, which is attached to a separate physical switch, which is totally isolated from the main-network (view attachment). Would that work? Wouldn´t that may be the better solution for our problem?

Thanks for answers,

sincerely yours

D. Siebers

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