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FT VM´s and vCPUS

I need to know whether it is possible and, above all, supported to use more than 8vCPUs in one FT VM, or 2 FT VMs each with 8vCPU per host, because there is the possibility to deactivate this with das.maxftvmsperhost and das.maxftvcpusperhost.

Above all, the question, if this is supported, what about the Enterprise Plus license, vSphere Enterprise Plus. Allows up to 8 vCPUs per FT VM

so everything is connected and I need to know what is supported now!


so if it is not possible to use more than 8vCPUs per FT VM per HOST, I would like to know what kind of hardware and licenses are needed to realize this. Our basic configuration is a 2-node VSAN cluster.

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