ESXi 6.5U3 host subject to failure, VMs crashed but host not declared dead by HA

Hello Community,

I'm troubleshooting a failure we had with one of our ESXi 6.5U3 hosts.

I don't know yet what exactly caused the host to fail, most likely a hardware issue or driver/firmware related issue.

(Host is a HPE BL460c G9)

The problem is, all VMs crashed when the host experienced the issue and HA didn't restart the VMs.

I looked at the fdm logs on the HA master, no heartbeat timeouts were detected when the host failed.

Management network on the failed host was probably still alive and exchanging heartbeats with the HA master.

Do you know if there's a log file that keeps track of hosts heartbeats on a HA master?

I know we can see heartbeat timeouts when they occur but what I'm after is the successful heartbeat log entry.


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